SiC Advantages:

Silicon carbide (SiC) power devices are changing the power electronics industry. They have lower losses and higher switching speeds than traditional silicon devices. This enables smaller, more efficient, higher bandwidth power converter designs.

OEM Markets:

Industrial markets benefit from the SiC's higher operating frequencies. That makes the magnetics smaller which can lower overall costs while expanding and improving product performance.

Transportation and military markets benefit from the higher efficiencies and improved operating margins of SiC devices. This yields overall improved performance with lower MTBF while creating smaller, lighter, more rugged designs that can save fuel and cargo space.

Renewable energy and power quality markets benefit from the reduced power losses and increased switching frequencies associated with SiC devices. This makes cooling easier and eliminates the need for tuned filters, thus improving performance with non-ideal grids and resulting in designs that are smaller and easier to seal.

Aerospace markets benefit from SiC devices since the lower power loss, improved voltage margins and higher operating frequencies reduce the system weight and improve waveform control. This allows for designs not possible with conventional technology.

Commercial markets benefit from SiC's improved characteristics that reduce size, improve efficiencies, lower idle losses, and expand operating voltage range.

Application Examples:

  • Micro grids
  • Grid tie converters for solar or wind
  • Grid peak shaving
  • Harmonic compensation systems
  • VAR generators
  • UPS systems
  • Battery controllers / chargers
  • High speed motor controllers
  • Micro turbine converters
  • Variable speed generator converters
  • Traction drives
  • Smart transformers
  • Auxiliary power sources
  • ETC.
  • Configuration Examples:

  • Active rectifier with low THD and full regenerative operation
  • Power factor correction inputs
  • DC to DC isolation operating at high frequency
  • DC output with voltage or current modes
  • AC output with voltage or current modes
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